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FatRat Da Czar, a Columbia, S.C. based hip-hop artist, has been a pillar of the S.C. hip-hop scene for almost two decades. Justin Smith, a Lexington, S.C. based folk rock musician, is known as one of the best song writers in S.C. and for his work in Justin Smith and the Folk Hop Band. In the past, both individuals have seen regional and local success, with sold out shows and an established and dedicated fan base. The two challenged themselves to do something different and result is a self-titled debut album entitled ColorBlind. The music gives an introspective look at how the two view each other, as two humans who have similar struggles, but come from very different backgrounds.

ColorBlind Columbia SC July 2015 04735-1
Colorblind Columbia SC 30446.jpg
Fat Rat and Justin Smith 2015 08919.jpg
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